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Cash Management / Business Banking

What is the best Business Banking or Cash Management checking option for a small business owner with a large cash balance?

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Brian Halbert
February 3, 2021

There are a couple key questions to dive a little deeper:

-What are your overall goals for the business?

-Would the business banking/cash management need to help in tackling those goals, or would it be more for safe keeping?

Also, would you prefer a local solution or online?


Jeffrey Hochwalt
February 3, 2021

Actually, this is our primary area of expertise.   The program can act as your source of financing where you can loan or withdrawal against your Bank On Yourself-type program usually in a matter of days and can actually pay yourself back while still earning coumpound interest dividends as if you had not borrowed a dime.  Current return far outweighs traditional alternatives.    To learn more:    Thanks, Jeff Hochwalt, CLU, ChFC 

Nick Gudz