Wimple Insight: Garry Kachkovsky

Garry Kachkovsky stands apart

Being different isn’t easy.  Standing apart takes vision and a commitment to the smaller things that make up the greater whole.  This is the story of Garry Kachkovsky and his financial planning services firm, Kachkovsky and Fisher.

To escape the Chicago winters, immediately after graduation from Illinois Wesleyan University in 1997, Garry moved to Phoenix and started his career as a financial advisor.  His first day on the job he met Kris Fisher – his eventual business partner. Kachkovsky & Fisher is really a story of friendship, entrepreneurial spirit, commitment to independence and putting clients’ interest first.  Fast forward a few years – Garry and Kris decided to start their own firm based on those ideals.  To minimize expenses, they moved in together, and for a while ate a lot of ramen noodles and PB&Js.  By taking a long-term, conservative approach to business, putting clients’ interests above all, and sticking to their vision, Kachkovsky & Fisher flourished.

When they opened their doors in 2001, they took the uncommon step of becoming a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) at a time when very few firms were.  As a fee-only RIA, they are legally required to act as fiduciaries when providing investment advice and are transparent in their compensation.  Fee-only wealth management puts the onus on the advisor to tailor their planning services to each client, which can be at odds with the more immediately rewarding product-driven approach. It means committing to the client’s interests, not the advisor’s, and backing this up with action, not words.

As it relates to protection planning, some clients need insurance to protect families, assets, income and quality of life.  “If we feel it’s prudent for a client to purchase term life insurance, disability or long-term care insurance, our firm will donate 100% of the compensation we receive to charity,” says Garry.  You don’t see this progressive, more human-focused approach to financial management and advising every day. It’s as comforting as it is refreshing.


The Kachkovsky & Fisher approach

Leaning on a classical economics education from Illinois Wesleyan University, Garry’s approach is intelligent and straightforward.  The firm’s investment style relies on the simplicity of nine core principles – practice smart diversification, embrace market pricing, look beyond the headlines, consider the drivers of returns, resist chasing past performance, let markets work for you, avoid market timing, manage your emotions, and focus on what you can control. 

“Global diversification can broaden your investment universe,” says Garry in a statement typical of the entrepreneurial thinking that underlines his vision for his clients.  “Our objectives are to preserve wealth, achieve a reasonable rate of return based on individual client goals, and counter the erosive effects of inflation and taxes.  The financial markets have rewarded long-term investors... and, historically, the equity and bond markets have provided growth of wealth that has more than offset inflation.”  Garry adds.


Working with Kachkovsky & Fisher

Kachkovsky & Fisher helps clients navigate wealth opportunities attached to life milestones, like “selling a busines, going through a divorce, coming into an inheritance, or becoming an empty nester.”  Garry’s 23 years as a wealth advisor gives him the experience and expertise to help clients navigate these life changing moments.  Kachkovsky & Fisher acts as long-term stewards of client assets through comprehensive financial planning, sophisticated wealth management and strategic legacy planning.

“We provide discretionary asset management services to individuals, families and institutions and remain committed to following a disciplined investment process.”



Garry believes the formula for investment management should include the key components of skilled investment research, long-term planning, a balance between passive and active management, and a well-managed professional relationship.  “Focus on what you can control.  A financial advisor can create a plan tailored to your personal financial needs while helping you focus on actions that add value.  This can lead to a better investment experience.”

It’s this emphasis on a better investment experience, on the simplicity of smart, focused decision making - again, smaller things that make up a greater whole - that sets Kachkovsky & Fisher apart in the world of wealth management.


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