The Best Investment Books of 2020

Investment trends and rules change constantly. If you want to succeed in investing for retirement or any other goal, you must stay informed. What better way to learn than from investors that excel at what they do?

Below are some of the top investment books of 2020 to consider.


  1. The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham

This straightforward book tells it like it is. You won’t learn how to get rich. Instead, you’ll learn how to not lose it all. You’ll learn the stock market’s history, basic investing techniques, and how to use value investing techniques to keep your strategies working long term.

Despite its first edition being published in 1949, this book holds a lot of value and even earned the praises of Warren Buffett, an investment icon.


  1. Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki

Do you think you aren’t ‘rich enough’ to invest? Rich Dad, Poor Dad is a must-read for you. In it, the author Robert Kiyosaki talks about his life growing up with ‘two dads.’ His own dad was ‘poor’ and worked for his money. His friends’ dad, ‘the other dad,’ was the ‘rich dad’ that made his money work for him. If you need inspiration to get started no matter where you are in life – this is it.


  1. The Essays of Warren Buffett: Lessons for Corporate America by Warren Buffett

How often do you get to learn from the expert himself? This collection of essays from Buffet to his shareholders is eye-opening and helpful. You’ll learn about Buffet’s investment strategies, how he views shareholders, and how to handle corporate relationships as a shareholder. If nothing else, it’s a great chance to get inside Warren Buffett’s head and learn more about investing for retirement.


  1. One up on Wall Street by Peter Lynch

Wouldn’t you love to have ‘one up on Wall Street’? Peter Lynch thinks it’s possible. This book is for the layperson with the right education that can supersede what professionals do with observation. Lynch shows you how to pay attention to everything – all products and services and shows you how this observation turns into valuable investment lessons.


  1. Thinking Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman

Investing is more than about spending money – it involves a lot of thinking and Daniel Kahneman shows you how to make the most of it. As a psychology professor at Princeton and a Nobel Prize winner, Kahneman shows you even your subconscious thinking may hold you back. Kahneman shows you how to put your biases aside and make the most of your investments.


  1. Principles by Ray Dalio

As the title suggests, this book is about principles and how to live by them. Dalio talks about being open-minded, understand your strength and weaknesses, and learn to systemize your decisions. In other words, become a good decision maker and fix the issues that stand in the way. These principles can help you make thorough and effective investment choices, helping you excel as an investor.


  1. Money – Master the Game by Tony Robbins

If you want an inside look at why you struggle with money and how you can stop, it’s in this Tony Robbins book. You’ll learn the strategies of successful people in this book with a 7-step blueprint anyone can use. Robbins breaks down each step and tactic so anyone can understand and implement it, helping you achieve financial freedom.

You can’t read too much. Get your hands on as much investment reading and education as you can. Take what you like and forget what you don’t. Making the most of your knowledge will give you the power to make investing for retirement a goal you achieve.


Disclosure: This article is not to be taken as investment advice and should not be relied on for such advice or as a substitute for consultation with professional accounting, tax, legal, insurance, or financial professional. The observations made in external articles are independent of Wimple and should not be read as financial recommendations.