5 Reasons to Hire an Independent Insurance Agent

5 Reasons to Hire an Independent Insurance Agent


Buying insurance is one of the most important decisions of your lifetime. You are buying protection that covers you during times of devastation or destruction. This isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach – you need an insurance agent that provides options and doesn’t force you into a policy that may not be a good fit.

We know thinking about the worst happening isn’t pleasant, but it’s necessary. You have to protect yourself and independent insurance agents offer many more benefits than exclusive agents offer.

Check out the top 5 reasons to choose an independent agent today.

1. You have more choices

Insurance isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach. Independent agents work with a variety of companies, giving you options. You complete one application and talk to one person, and have many more options at your disposal. You talk to one knowledgeable person and get the sound financial advice you need.

2. Independent agents are great advisors

Buying insurance is overwhelming. You need someone who will tell you honestly what coverage you need and what you don’t need. They won’t force you into a policy that has features you don’t need just to make a commission.

If you form a bond with an independent agent, he/she will work with you to determine the best policies now and in the future. As your circumstances change, you have a point person to contact and discuss your options.

3. Independent agents know you and help you

Filing a claim is scary. It usually means something bad happened. It’s much easier to call someone who you have a relationship with to get help than a customer service agent at a 1-800 number.

Agents can help streamline the claims process, help you troubleshoot, and be your advocate should something go wrong.

4. You only shop once

If you’ve ever shopped for insurance, you know the hassle. Filling out multiple applications, answering the same questions repeatedly, and not knowing who to trust is scary.

When you work with an independent agent, you complete one application but have many options. The agent can provide his/her neutral advice regarding which policy would suit you best. That non-biased advice is worth its weight in gold.

5. Independent agents offer a lifetime of service

Independent agents are more than a one-and-done service. They’re with you for your lifetime. You can call them when things change and they may check up with you annually to see what’s changed or what new coverage you may need.

If you choose the right agent, he/she should be your agent for your lifetime. As he/she gets to know you well enough, you’ll get advice when you didn’t know you needed it or even learn about new products that may benefit you.

Independent insurance agents offer many more benefits than exclusive insurance agents. They don’t earn a commission to push their company’s policies. Instead, they have your best interests in mind, securing the coverage you need to protect yourself should disaster strike. Find an independent insurance agent today that you trust and start protecting your finances today.


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